More forest depths…

Story book forest v2 2015-02-12IMG_3617IMG_3617
– Deep Rainforest – click on the image for a larger view


Clearly I have an affinity to the deep mystery of rainforest beauty. The moody grey weather invited another walk along the lower trails of  Bluff Park. Its impossible for me to walk these paths without thinking of stories and fairy tales, and of Ents and Hobbits— I have yet to see one of those, but doesn’t this scene make you wonder if maybe… if we waited very quietly …  ?

This afternoon for a change of pace, I’ll go and hunt for some early spring buds, but for now, its deep forest that I want to share.


forest depths…

deep forest trail
on the Bluff Park Trail (click the image for larger view)


The light on the moss carpeting the forest, and the dominance of the blue-green lichens on the cedar trunks makes for an ‘other worldly’ scene, though of course it is just exactly ‘this world’ as it is, in the depths of the rain forest, in the wet west coast winter.