Turkey Vulture

click on image for a larger view
click on image for a larger view

The Turkey Vulture is one of the strangest of the winged creatures here on the island. Its naked red head seems all  out of proportion to the rest of it’s large body. Soaring overhead, its broad span casts a shadow on the grass, and at rest on the tangle of dead limbs, its folded pinions make the high collared look caricatured in drawings of vultures and vampires.

On its stark perch, the image above is one that, for me, holds an ominous tension. It is not what I would call a ‘beautiful’ bird, but it is a marvel of design and function, consuming carrion right down to the bone,  finding its life in the scouring of the shore and forest.

Driftwood Sculpture… and NEWS!

driftwood sculpture
driftwood sculpture

I’m surrounded by the creative hand, revealing unexpected beauty in even the  flotsam the washes in with the tide— this particular piece of such grace-given beauty is hanging above a friend’s workbench where it serves as a reminder and inspiration.


Here’s the NEWS!

A further note of gratitude today: I finally figured out, or at least mades some progress in posting web galleries. I’ve put a menu up top of my Curious Spectacles Blog, and also want to include the link to my Galleries page here.

I’ll be posting more galleries now that I’ve got the process figured out (mostly… still learning!)

With the very encouraging response to my offering of photo prints, cards,  and more at the Galiano Saturday Market this summer, I’ve started offering my photo prints and cards for sale. You can let me know if there’s anything on the Gallery Pages or anywhere else that you’re interested in obtaining a photo print or some photo cards. Just drop me a note / email, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Warm good wishes from the Curious Spectacles Studio!