a bonus walk

clematis climbing up the carport post (click on image for larger view)
clematis climbing up the carport post (click on image for larger view)

In the course of the day’s demands, which today included the simple task of having a brake light replaced on my car, we found ourselves walking in a neighbourhood we hadn’t explored before. The repair folk needed us to leave the car with them for a while, so off we set to explore the neighbourhood around the car dealership.  What an unexpected treat. The streets were quiet— almost deserted— and spring gardens were burgeoning with blossoms: japonica, forsythia, hyacinths, daffodils, pansies, flowering trees in full bloom including magnolias and cherries. So much colour. So much design and care and beauty.

The clematis that was climbing tenaciously up the supports of a carport, adorning an otherwise unassuming piece of architecture, was just one of the many strikingly beautiful treats on our walk.

And now my brake light is replaced! (bonus!)


Photo Notes

Since I wanted to draw attention to the clematis itself, I’ve adjusted this iPhone photo using Photoshop for layers and masks, and Topaz Impression to add the desaturated  / textured/ drawing effect on the perimeter of the photo. 



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