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sandstone in summer…

IMG_1288 Lion Islet from boat
click on the image for larger view

— the swoop of sandstone, its colours and shapes… Lion Islet is an ever changing, always captivating wonder… It was a treat to be on the water to enjoy the depth of the colours which, in the summer sun, are vibrant. Actually the colours are vibrant in the winter too. Just so different!

The Lion himself is looking to the east (right)… (can you see him? I’ll post another soon showing his other side…)

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an unexpected bonus

rose coloured sunrise, dew and web-
click on the image for a larger view

This morning as the sun came up, the rose glow backlit the wet grasses and small oregon grape leaves.  The colours were gorgeous—  but what really surprised me was the spider web that I hadn’t seen at all until I opened the photo file on my computer.  Bonus. Completely unexpected!


beauty of the structure: nature’s designs

click on the image for a larger view
click on the image for a larger view

Walking along the Bodega Ridge trail this morning, the light and colours were stunning; the views spectacular. In addition to the more obvious sights drawing our attention were the low mounds of spring green moss glowing in the sun, the lichen draped branches in the forest, and this tangle of branches, baked dry in the sun, but retaining the extraordinary shape of its previous glory as a live manzanita.

The structure of these shrubs is hard to see sometimes when clothed in their ever-green mantle. But here, stripped bare, complex interior beauty is revealed.

For more photos of Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island, click here.



forest depths…

deep forest trail
on the Bluff Park Trail (click the image for larger view)


The light on the moss carpeting the forest, and the dominance of the blue-green lichens on the cedar trunks makes for an ‘other worldly’ scene, though of course it is just exactly ‘this world’ as it is, in the depths of the rain forest, in the wet west coast winter.



a fleeting glimpse of the mergansers…

click photo to enlarge
click photo to enlarge

This afternoon a small grouping of mergansers was patrolling the shallows. I’ve been watching for their return, and am so happy to see them fishing close to shore, faces immersed, and diving the instant they catch sight of a morsel.

Just after I retrieved my camera , something startled them, and off they went in a fabulous flurry of wings and water—  a spectacular splash of colour and light. I didn’t have time to re-set my camera, so caught what I could.  Watching wildlife we are given whatever glimpses there are. And this was definitely one. A great delight.

an eye on arbutus bark

the extraordinary colours of arbutus bark...
the extraordinary colours of arbutus bark…(click to enlarge)

I’ve been asked about the image on my Curious Spectacles Welcome Page, so I thought it best to post a special post to respond to the question.

The photo is  a close up of a piece of arbutus bark that caught my eye.  It was quite a large curl of the delicate and brittle skin that’s characteristic of those precious trees,  and I was struck not just by the size and colour, but by its own ‘eye’ design as though it were looking back at me.

I figured it was an auspicious image*,  just the right thing for this blog.

*I’ve enlarged and edited the photo to simplify the pattern, using Topaz Simplify with Aperture (my main photo app).