even the thorn bush by the wayside…

concentric circles of raindrops
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In my school days, so many decades ago, our Headmistress used to say repeatedly, ‘Even the thorn bush by the wayside is ablaze with the glory of God,’ Over the years, I’ve come to see she was absolutely right.  I was reminded of this today.

We braved the rain and wind to walk the dog and there it was— in the unassuming place of  the drainage ditch beside the road— the ditch was  alive with colour, texture and  a pattern. It was ever changing with the drops of rain— weeds swirling beneath the surface, and concentric circles of large raindrops.


The photo above is intentionally adjusted with texture and colour to reflect my contemplating of the scene as I worked with it this afternoon.


glimpses of the extraordinary amidst an ordinary day