iced cedar

Iced Cedar  ~ (click image for a larger view)
Iced Cedar ~ (click image for a larger view)

Walking alongside Mosquito Creek this morning, and keeping a careful eye on where the dog was snoofling, my eye landed on a magnificent set of icicles dangling from a log that had fallen across the creek. Though the snow and ice were a tad treacherous, I only had my iPhone camera.  To get any photos  I had to get closer.

With great care, on all fours, I maneuvered down over the rocks and into the creek-bed to get close enough for a few decent shots. What a treasure of shapes and glistening light!  There was a cedar tree that was newly fallen with its branches coated with thick ice, and the sun was at just the right angle to highlight the wonderful sight.

I admit to some degree of envy of the fellow who was making his way up the trail to that spot, with a proper camera on his shoulder. All day I’ve been yearning to go back. But, as is typical of these glimpses of beauty, they are fleeting.   At this point the light would be too low, the creekbed in shadow.  So I’m grateful for the glimpse of beauty I was given, and that I could share this little bit of it with you.


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