nourishing the young

young cedar thriving
young cedar thriving (click to enlarge)

The fresh young cedar draws its nourishment from the grand old stump. Forest life and its poignant beauty this afternoon was just what I needed, apparently. I’d been pensive, aware of the passing of time, and the losses that means, the people and generations gone.  The thinning of the fog invited me out with my camera, and I’m so grateful for the hour outside both in the beach and in the woods.

The fog itself wasn’t the focus of most of today’s photos (though I did get some of those too).  Instead I meandered, with my camera,  in the woods, and the slant of light pointed me to some of the beauties that I’d have missed if my gaze hadn’t been directed to them by the shafts of sun, like a spotlight that’s ever changing, every day, every minute, and season to season, moving on.

This image seemed particularly apt, given my earlier pensiveness, and the shifting light and mists and all. And in the midst of it, hope. And new life emerging in unexpected places.


I’ve edited the photo above with Topaz Simplify. 

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