rain and leaves- skylight art

leaves and rain on the skylightIts a properly wet and stormy day here today.  Our only ventures out today are the necessary ones for firewood, food and dog walks.

A short while ago the rain was making such a racket thwacking the skylight above my desk that I looked up.  The  maple leaves from the overhanging trees have made a delightful pattern of colour and light, the rain-water squiggling the lines, and highlighting the leaves edges.    I snapped the photo with my iPhone and have clarified it and adjusted it a bit so you can see something of what I saw, and am seeing.  Its another example of the ‘curious spectacles‘ the extraordinary amidst the daily round that I delight to share through this blog.


If you want to see more photos, I’ll certainly be posting more here. You can also check my Flickr page here.

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