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afternoon quiet

the calm in the afternoon looking across the Salish Sea (click for larger view)

Yesterday we had a short reprieve between storms:  the sun shone, the wind dropped and the sea settled to a mirror calm. Mt. Baker glowed on the far side of the Salish Sea.
But best of all is the sweep of clouds, with the small pale moon visible beyond them, to the left of centre frame.

storm moving in

Storm moving in 2014 12 08IMG 2732IMG 2732
click on image for a larger view and more details

It looks like the forecast is matching what we saw as the sun rose this morning. Heavy rain and wind are in the offing. Meanwhile —there was a blaze of glory in the early light.


I’ve added a few adjustments to this iPhone photo with Photoshop and Topaz Simplify get the image closer to what my ‘eye’ saw.

variety ~ a range of colours and light

variations of light and colour
variations of light and colour (click on image for larger view)

The variations in weather, sunlight and storm alternating all day on Thursday  provided a rich show of colours and clouds.

The particular delight of this scene for me  is not only the range of colour but the intensity of the pastoral green in the foreground contrasted with the deep grey of the storm over the Tsawwassen bluff in the distance (right). The patch of blue, which an old school-friend would remind me, is definitely ‘enough to patch a sailor’s pants‘ but in this instance it was not a guarantee of sunshine to follow.  I love it though,  especially  with the heavy grey and white clouds, and the glint of light on the rocky islands offshore (Lion Islets for those of you with marine charts).

Life itself is full of variety in texture and colour. Vibrant. Bright colourful parts, and scary dark parts.  Maybe that’s something of why I am so drawn to this ever changing view.  It’s brim-full of life and change. Always. And in its variety,  it  stirs in me,  at the very least, awe.  Wonder.

constant change: constant beauty

weather today, a magnificent sky in every change
clouds and turbulence – constantly changing weather (click image to enlarge)

The variations in the weather today have captivated me. From this morning’s thunderstorm and heavy downpours to the quieter moments of sunlight bursting through and highlighting the berried arbutus and the freshly renewed grass after the summer’s baking heat, it has all been wonderful. From one moment to the next we’ve been witnessing the rapidly shifting moods of weather and variations in light.

The photo (from this afternoon, after yet another thunder shower) shows something of the magnificence of the display, and the turbulence of the air as the weather moves through.


a tiny window…

The rain has started in earnest now. Its not a gentle sprinkling as we had overnight but a proper and welcome rain, pounding on the roof.
There was a brief pause between the overnight showers and this more definite, steady downfall, and it was in that pause I went out with the dogs, on our usual morning round. In the southeast there was one tiny window in the clouds, the lower edge gilded by the sun rising behind. That window is now tight shut, but it provided a lovely glimpse of the light that’s ever present, even while obscured.

a tiny gilded window
a tiny window gilded by the rising sun (click on image to enlarge)

Morning by morning…

morning stillness
morning by morning, this still beauty… for now (click for full sized image)

Every morning is different. And beautiful. My early morning venture out with ‘the girls’ (our two Golden Retrievers) is not only for their benefit. Clearly. It is for me too, as I breathe the morning air, and revel in the daily beauty. Today again, the stillness of the water, the reflections of the clouds, the congregation of gulls on the rocks, the warm glow of the rising sun— all of it.
Soon perhaps,  it’ll be winter storms, biting cold wind, and raucous waves. But for now, this is what we have. And its glorious.


These daily excursions outside and the morning by morning-ness of the wonders I see remind me  of a line of an old and fine hymn that remains with me: ‘…morning by morning new mercies I see…’  Maybe that’s the tune for the day today…?

Sunrise, just before the rain

sunrise as rain begins
the early sun glowing through a slit in the clouds

The reward for venturing out with our two Goldens this morning: the rising sun spread its light through the one opening in the cloud, lit up a path of light on the water, and gave a rosy gold hue to the underside of the clouds.

In the brightness, just to the right of centre you can see the outline of the mountain peaks of Washington State. The southern shoulder of Mt. Baker, just barely discernable in the centre of the light. (Click on the image to see it full sized).


Happily the time of sunrise is getting later: one of the benefits of autumn. I’m grateful not to be sleeping through the glories of the early morning light-shows like the one I was grateful to see and posted here.

Awesome Clouds

Clouds on a September afternoon 2014-09-25IMG_1159IMG_1159For sheer magnificence and awesomeness, nothing to me surpasses the wide sky looking out across the Strait. This view is looking north from our spot in the Gulf Islands, toward the mainland and Vancouver, and up Howe Sound (left). The clouds gathering over the North Shore Mountains are stunning, and the sweep of cirrus… a wonderful contrast. It all underscores the drama of the daily weather.