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Morning by morning…varied views

Each morning, when I take the dog out for her first walk of the day, I venture out to the Point for a clear view of the morning’s light. If it has rained at all, I note the measurement in the rain gauge, and then empty it for the next 24 hour monitoring. And I take photos.

Every day is so different —the light,  the angle of the sun, the patterns and textures of the clouds, the tide’s height in its constant ebb and flow, the way the waves are meeting the shore,  the presence of various shore birds, gulls, otters and seals. Occasionally, on a very still morning, my attention is caught by the breath sounds of a humpback whale, and I see the spray of it’s powerful exhalation far out in the distance.

For over a year I’ve been documenting the mornings under the title ‘The Point this morning’.  I had intended to do my photo project  only for the 6 months from winter solstice to summer solstice, to note the wide varying of the sun’s position at sunrise. But these daily photo glimpses became such an important part of my day’s beginning, I carried on.  Now, I can’t bear to give it up so I’m thinking I will contimue for the time being and see what happens…

Water meets rock…

water meets rock
water meets rock

These last three days have provided spectacular wave watching as the strong North East outflow wind crossed the Salish Sea whipping the waves to a fury of ‘white horses’. The collision of water and rock made great sprays and splashes, as the rollers moved in steadily.
The light  of the rising sun through the cresting waves was a beautiful green and to me it seemed a jubilant dance of light and water.

This afternoon the wind’s dropped, the sea has calmed and life returns to a semblance of ‘normal’, though definitely with a more wintry chill.