variations of light and colour

variety ~ a range of colours and light

variations of light and colour
variations of light and colour (click on image for larger view)

The variations in weather, sunlight and storm alternating all day on Thursday  provided a rich show of colours and clouds.

The particular delight of this scene for me  is not only the range of colour but the intensity of the pastoral green in the foreground contrasted with the deep grey of the storm over the Tsawwassen bluff in the distance (right). The patch of blue, which an old school-friend would remind me, is definitely ‘enough to patch a sailor’s pants‘ but in this instance it was not a guarantee of sunshine to follow.  I love it though,  especially  with the heavy grey and white clouds, and the glint of light on the rocky islands offshore (Lion Islets for those of you with marine charts).

Life itself is full of variety in texture and colour. Vibrant. Bright colourful parts, and scary dark parts.  Maybe that’s something of why I am so drawn to this ever changing view.  It’s brim-full of life and change. Always. And in its variety,  it  stirs in me,  at the very least, awe.  Wonder.

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