Welcome to “Curious Spectacles”

This is a place to enjoy glimpses of the unusual in the midst of an otherwise ordinary day. My offerings here range from photos of the wild, extravagant display of colour in a sunrise, to the strange sights, such as the one that inspired the title of this blog.

‘Curious Spectacles’  is about noticing the extraordinary— the strange and wonderful  amidst the ordinary —the expected, or the commonplace .

During the course of the day, strange, beautiful, surprising images emerge amidst the ordinary things.

Sometimes its a matter of the way the light and shadow highlight an otherwise ordinary flower, dandelion perhaps. Or it might be the lavish beauty of an hibiscus blossom. Other times the item itself is strange as was the odd sight of a pair of glasses dangling from a cedar twig by the mailbox. That’s where the name of this blog comes from and you can check that out  by clicking here.

Its these glimpses of the unexpected that draw my interest. Some ‘spectacles’, like the oddity of the spectacles dangling from the cedar tree, raise questions,  pique my curiosity about the situation and the story… and others, displays of light, colour and shape,  draw my eye to their beauty and are, to me, a glimpse of the superfluity of grace that surrounds us, embraces us, and so often goes unnoticed.

This extravagance invites wonder and curiosity in the best sense— a curiosity that is not satisfied by glib answers and can only be marveled at as a mystery beyond comprehension.

They are indeed, ‘Curious Spectacles’.


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glimpses of the extraordinary amidst an ordinary day