What’s Curious about these spectacles?

Curious:  as in odd or unfamiliar,  sometimes even downright strange and often inviting some thought…

Spectacles: being not those odd bits of plastic, metal and glass balanced on the bridge of your nose (though they might be) but the things that are set before us to see,  daily, continually…


All day, every day, there are things to see. Even when we’re not looking.

So often I’m alseep (especially when the sun rises so ridiculously early in the summer time) when the glorious display is on. This particular sunrise, when we had to get up early to catch a ferryboat, I was reminded that the glorious display is there, whether any one is noticing or not. Its just part of the generous, wondrous glory of creation doing what it does, quite apart from and independent of my participation. Like the Grace and Mercy that are poured out in abundance for humankind, the beauty is just there. Wow.  Glory Be!

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glimpses of the extraordinary amidst an ordinary day