driftwood creatures

Driftwood shapes - (click on image for a larger view)
Driftwood shapes – (click on image for a larger view)

Since my early days spending my summers exploring the beach, clambering on logs, playing day-long games and building forts with my friends, the tangle of silvered roots has evoked imagination and stories, conjured images of creatures both friendly and fierce.
I don’t clamber quite so quickly now,  and I am exploring different beaches, but my love of the driftwood shapes remains as active as ever— it is simply part of me. (Rooted in me?) Yesterday’s walk along the sandstone shore, this marvellous root caught my imagination again, and I’ve played with the image just for fun, and wanted to share it here.
I wonder what creatures you see? and what stories it suggests?

4 thoughts on “driftwood creatures”

  1. There was a large log with a perfect set of roots that formed the wheelhouse of our imaginary ship all the summers our family spent at Grantham’s Landing. All that adventurous fun provided by the log and the sea.

    1. That sure evokes memories! We had one at Roberts Creek too, and one that we imagined was the ‘engine room’… so many stories!

  2. As I look at the larger version of this picture I see even more creatures than I saw on the Facebook picture….such an imaginative capture….

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