these precious last days …

the creekside path
a creekside path, diverging around a grand old maple (click to enlarge)

Spending a few days in ‘town’ offers a chance to walk the paths along Mosquito Creek. The delight of these walks comes not only from the beauty alongside the tumbling creek-water, but the poignancy of recognizing these are likely last days before the green leaves the trees (so to speak). The sunlight shining through the still vibrant green is more precious perhaps because these days are so limited. But its not only the colour and light. For me its also their shadow patterns on the path —  constantly shifting, and intriguing.


The photo above is one of my favourite points on the trail where it diverges around a grand moss-clothed maple. To the left it goes down to the creek itself. To the right, up to the road. The main trail is straight ahead, past the maple,  following alongside the creek.

2 thoughts on “these precious last days …”

  1. Your photography is amazing Sarah. The colours, shadows and patterns remind me Emily Carr’s paintings. Inspiring!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy. That’s high praise. Emily Carr had such a passion for the forest and its life, movement, and forms. I do often think of her ‘eye’ and of my own mother’s love of Emily Carr’s work.

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